Glam Racket

Stop eating all that chocolate, eat salad instead


Salvador Dali for Vogue Paris (December, 1971)


My neighborhood is changing, the black people are becoming less noticeable, where are they going? The cars parked on the street are becoming more expensive. People riding bikes have changed color.

The new neighbors across the street have several signs in their windows with security company names…

shalla la la push push


We were just standing there minding our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

this is *the* version

Gonna have a dance now see you later please to meet you

Likewise a pleasure


Ryan Teall, Elektra, 21st July 2014


Despite the fact that the communications of everybody in America were currently being intercepted, they didn’t catch the Boston bombers, despite the fact that the Russian intelligence service specifically warned the FBI that these individuals were known to be associated with Islamic terror groups.

We didn’t actually fully investigate them, we just made a cursory visit and went back to all of our keyboards looking at everybody’s emails and text messages.


—  Edward Snowden, to The Guardian (via jackyan)

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