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Stop eating all that chocolate, eat salad instead



Wellington electronic pioneers Body Electric (Andy Drey, Garry Smith and Alan Jansson) with two members of The Spines (Wendy Calder and, right, Jon McLeary. Their single ‘Pulsing’ was in the NZ charts for over 6 months. Taken during the joint Pulsing With Punch tour, after it finished Wendy Calder replaced Andy Drey in Body Electric.

Seminal music moment for a young Dave was Pulsing on Radio with Pictures - maybe? don’t think it was Shazam! : ) - early exposure to electronica can have lasting affect on a growing lad. Picked up the 12” in a sale bin some time later, to much joy. Probably one of my Top 5 sale bin snaffles. I’ll play when I get back to Ak HQ tooms.
bet they listen to Throbbing Gristle

Is this happening to you?


Am I the only one whose dash is now glutted with f*cking advertising posts?

Gap, Wedy’s, projectfab, Raybans, AT&T(grrr), Qualcomm and on and on.

Tumblr gives you the option to block people but not these damn ads. Well actually you can block them but it doesn’t stick. They are on your ignore list and your goddamned dash.

Tumblr, Yahoo f*cking bought you and is slowly ruining you.

I can’t post a f*cking song to my blog but it’s alright to ruin my dash with this crap.

lot’s of “here’s a blog” posts but not much in the way of out and out advertising.

I’m running Firefox with Adblock Plus so that might be helping


Earth Has 52 Percent Fewer Wild Animals Today Than in 1970: Report

depressingly believable

A little bit of Ballina in Brisbane.
Thanks realindevelopment

Albert Street.
Brisbane QLD

Walker Evans, House and Billboards, Atlanta, 1936

The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip

the town hall #auckland

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